“I recommend buying the Headcoach trainer to any coach or parent that has a player/child that struggles with their head positioning during the swing.”
Carlos M., MLB Hitting Instructor

“The Headcoach Trainer helps correct your head positioning and I recommend any coach or parent to buy the headcoach trainer to help their player/child improve their swing”. Because if your head is not right during your swing then your swing will not be right.”
Amy B.,Former Collegiate Softball Player

“I created the head coach trainer because I had several of my players either diving, shifting, stepping out or pulling their head during their swing. It was much easier to use the head coach trainer than to try and explain to a 10 or 11 year old what they were doing wrong. With instant tactile feedback, the players were able to figure out what they were doing wrong, make the adjustment and within 15-20 swings had minimized their poor swing habits. and improved their ability to hit the ball.”
Tim D.

“I have used the head coach trainer with my students and have seen immediate improvements in their swing. It helps keep their head quiet during the swing”
Carlos, Professional Instructor

“My son was afraid of the ball and would constantly step out and had no hits all season long. That all changed after he started using the head coach trainer. He stayed in the box, and got his first hit!!!! As a parent it was the best reward seeing him get his first hit. His teammates mobbed him after the inning!!! I truly believe the head coach trainer was the reason why my son got his first hit.”
Parent of little leaguer